Impact Resistant Shingles


RGP carries a wide variety of impact resistant shingles from the top manufactures. Roofing experts define impact resistant shingles as: “Impact Resistant… Passes UL 2218 Class 4, UL’s toughest impact test (shingles show no evidence of cracks or ruptures on front or back of shingle immediately after impact). Compare to “standard” shingles, which may have ruptures or cracks visible on the front or back of the shingle immediately after large hail impact.

The UL 2218 Class 4 Impact Test drops a 2-inch steel ball from 20 feet onto a shingle to see whether the shingle cracks. The steel ball hits the shingle at 90mph, which is a stronger force than most hail that hits a roof. A typical shingle often has ruptures or cracks on the surface immediately after impact, but Class 4-rated shingles show no evidence of tears, cracks or ruptures on front or back. Potential insurance savings – may qualify for insurance discounts of up to 30% or more (check with your agent). Each shingle is labeled with special information that most hail insurers accept.”

Impact Resistant Shingle

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